Tax Exempt Forms


  1. Bidder must register as the tax-exempt entity for your form to be valid; we cannot make this change after the auction.
  2. Bidder is responsible for using the appropriate tax form for their business.
  3. Do NOT check the box "blanket" NYS requires us to obtain a tax-exempt form for each auction. 
  4. CHECK YOUR WORK. Check to make sure you have everything filled in properly. If not, you will need to fix it and resubmit it. There is a $10 service fee if we have to do it. 
  5. Tax-exempt forms need to be received BEFORE the auction ends. 
    1. email form to
    2. In the subject line, state the auction name and "tax-exempt form" after it.
    3. Body of email: your name, business name, and contact information should we have any questions. 


Click on one of the buttons below to access the tax-exempt form.