Auction marketing is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to convert your assets to cash. Instead of waiting for an offer that may never come, auction marketing creates a free market environment with qualified, professionally targeted buyers and a predetermined sale date. Cash Auctions converts your assets into their highest possible cash equivalent in the shortest possible time.

More Than an Auction, A Powerful Way to Market Your Assets.

With Cash Auctions, you’ll get much more than a successful auction. You’ll get maximum dollar return, fast payment resolution, and a single source for marketing, sales generation, and accounting. With decades of experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of virtually every industry, we bring more to the block. At Cash Auctions, we’ll put all these advantages to work for you:

  • Asset evaluation and pre-sale management services
  • Target marketing to qualified buyers
  • Professional auction services that insure the highest pricing levels
  • Financial systems that speed the conversion of assets to cash

Typical commodities we convert to cash.

Auction marketing is often the sale method of choice for real estate and other inventory assets. In the real estate industry auctions give sellers the advantage of accelerated sales and create competition among qualified buyers, often boosting the anticipated selling price of the property. Cash Auctions offers the expertise to effectively market:

  • Commercial, industrial, and investment properties
  • Machinery and Industrial Equipment
  • Truck and Auto Fleets
  • Inventories and work in progress
  • Office furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Estates

Get higher returns through auction marketing, a great way to liquidate.

An auction sale offers two critical advantages: it attracts attention and increases the number of interested buyers, and it helps raise sale prices through a competitive bidding system. The same principles that bring record prices for artwork, classic automobiles and racehorses also apply to business and industrial assets: the price of an object will steadily rise in the presence of interested and motivated bidders. That’s why, when considering asset or investment recovery solutions, auction marketing is the fastest, most efficient way to convert assets to cash. Other benefits include:

  • Predictable marketing costs
  • High net returns
  • Shortest time to liquidity

The Cash Advantage

We’ll evaluate your assets: To make an informed decision about your assets, you need up-to-the-minute information on their value. Cash Auctions will quickly and accurately appraise your assets and deliver reports of fair market value, liquidation value, value in place, salvage value and replacement costs. By conducting a full evaluation, we’ll help you reduce your expenses and determine the best possible method of sale.

We’ll locate and target your market: At Cash Auctions, we’ll not only target your market, we’ll penetrate it with a multi-pronged marketing bull’s-eye. We help you reach a high number of qualified buyers and ensure you the highest returns through:

  • Specialized proprietary mailing lists
  • Exclusive fax lists in specific industries
  • Trade and general publication advertising
  • Broadcast media
  • Internet advertising
  • Personal contacts

We’ll manage the operations: Cash Auctions also offers comprehensive property management services including temporary operations and administration, renovations, and cleanup prior to sale. By managing operations, reducing expenses and retaining possible revenues, we can help to safeguard the value of your investment. Other management services include:

  • Rent collections and accounting
  • Receiverships
  • Leasing and tenant selection
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Cleanup and board-up
  • Foreclosure and eviction

We’ll handle all the details: To create an atmosphere conducive to a successful auction, Cash Auctions prepares and organizes each detail including:

  • Promotion of the sale
  • Preparation and cleaning of the site
  • Equipment preparation and cleaning
  • Bidder registration
  • Security
  • Preview and inspection
  • Invoice preparation
  • Cashiering
  • Accounting
  • Removal supervision