Meet The Staff!

Meet The Staff

How inconsiderate of us! Here we are…. blogging away for over a month and we forgot to first introduce ourselves!

Let’s start with the man that started it all, Cash Cunningham!!!

Cash has been an auctioneer/appraiser for over 40 years….we know, that is FOREVER, especially considering our youngest employee, Brittany is 24!  We like to think of it in years of expertise instead of age though.  Let’s face it, by now, Cash is THE EXPERT in anything related to auctions!!!

Cash has a huge heart, while the rest of us youngings are out partying on our days off, Cash is often found at a benefit auctions donating his time for several non-profit organizations.  Cash’s favorite organization is Children’s Hospital.  If you keep a keen eye on the television in 2016, you will see a commercial featuring Cash promoting the hospital!

Aside from being a commercial superstar and a full-time auctioneer, when Cash gets a free moment, he enjoys anything to do with the aviation field or travelling – this man is always on the go!

Cash has two daughters, a son and two grandchildren.  Cash is a bachelor; he always has an eye out for that special lady!

Let’s end this blog with a tidbit of advice straight from Cash:

“Bid High Or Go Home”


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