A HUD Home May Be Right For You!

HUD Homes a plenty!!!

Our office has been having a complete SURGE in HUD homes over the past month!  17 new homes were just listed yesterday and more keep flowing in!  HUD homes are affordably priced, just about all of them under $100,000 and a majority of the homes currently listed are in the $50,000 range.

HUD homes are advertised with signage and also listed on the Multiple Listing System, Zillow, Craigslist and Facebook.  If you are interested in a HUD home, you can contact your realtor and if you don’t have a realtor, feel free to contact Kevil Kelly at 716-912-4483.

Many HUD homes need some repairs or updates.  Considering the list price, a little TLC should definitely be built into your overall budget.   Happy home hunting!!!


**More Information about the HUD program can always be found at www.hudhomestore.com**