Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Disappointingly, as in every business, you come across that rare customer that tries to cheat the system.  A few months back, we had an auction for automotive equipment in Indiana.  Everything went smooth, or so we thought. 

Cash Realty & Auctions performed the sale and then drove home – it was what appeared to be an easy in and out gig.  It wasn’t until after we got back to New York and deposited the checks into the bank that we found out that we had a huge issue.  One of the checks ended up bouncing. 

After an investigation with the bank, it turned out that a customer wrote us a check, and then immediately closed his bank account.  This was an intentional act that we consider stealing.   We called the customer and tried to collect, each time, we were meant with empty promises of sending money. 

Finally, we realized this guy was not going to pay up and we had to take matters into our own hands.  We looked up the Indiana penal law and found out that it was a misdemeanor charge in Indiana to close an account after a check was written.   We called the gentleman one last time to give him a final chance to pay….and after that, our team went to work!

We contacted the local police department and discussed filing charges.  The police department referred us to the prosecutor’s office because we were told that in crimes like this, 99% of the time the prosecutor’s office is who manages the case.  The prosecutor gave us advice of how to file the legal paperwork and began a case against him.  The prosecutor also looked up our thief’s name and told us that this was not his first offence; he did something similar back in 2012! 

We hope to resolve this matter within the next month (unfortunately, justice takes time to work).  We are satisfied knowing that we took every step possible to stop this criminal.  It shocks and disappoints us that someone could take goods/services and not expect to pay for them!