Our Favorite Things – Part 3!

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The Girl Scouts chose our company to auction off their property – it was a surplus piece to them and they had wanted to get rid of the parcel and concentrate on other projects.

The camp was majestic – it was filled with challenging hiking trails, pavilions, and it even a pond for swimming. The best part about this property was that it had a full half mile of frontage along Oak Orchard Creek.

Even though Medina was an hour drive away from Buffalo, there was a ton of interest in the property.   The bidders that game to the sale ranged from hunters and fishers to large non-profit organizations.

I was pleased with the outcome and even furthermore impressed at the buyers, an extended family with multiple brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and even grandchildren!  The family had coordinated the purchase; each of the older members had pitched in money to make the large purchase possible.  They had planned the purchase as a family bonding experience- they had made plans to spend their summers there together, bonding for the rest of their lives.

It was a rare real estate auction that benefited an entire family with the gift of spending time together.