Our Favorite Things – Part 2!

I’ve been working at Cash Realty & Auctions for almost five years now – my favorite auction was by FAR the HSBC Safe Deposit Boxes Auction that we had last August.  That sale was my baby; I invested hundreds of hours into that auction – it was a product of my blood, sweat, and tears!

The prep work for the HSBC sale was intense.  Cash and I spent days upon days in the vault of HSBC in order to appraise and catalog the items.  A chain of custody was followed while each lot was carefully inspected, photographed, lotted and valued.  The HSBC staff was wonderful and supervised us while we sifted through the unclaimed items. 

Opening each unclaimed box was like opening a treasure chest – you never knew what valuables that it would hold.  My favorite lots were the vintage jewelry – everything was so beautiful and unique!  I’ve always had a passion for vintage items.  Cash let me try on the items and wear them for photographs, but that was as far as we went playing “dress-up” with the jewels.

All of our hard work doing inventory paid off on the auction day.  We had a very successful sale with bidders, both live and online, participating for the Rolexes, Gold Krugerrands and Koronas, Silver Bullion, vintage jewelry and tons of other collectibles, jewelry and memorabilia that I had the pleasure of viewing first.