Our Favorite Things – Part 1

These are a few of our favorite things!


We decided to spice up our blogs with some personal auction stories – what better than to tell you what OUR favorite auctions and auction items were!

Let’s start with Brittany O’Dea, our marketing director first!

Brittany’s favorite auction happened back in 2014.

We were auctioning a stunning three story beach house in Sunset Bay, New York.  This house was immaculate – everything was brand new! The house had a two story porch, perfect for enjoying the summer weather.  Brittany fell in love with the ample and organized closet space and with the location of the house – it was right across the street from the beach and one of Western New York’s best summertime bars, Cabana Sam’s!

Needless to say, the house was way past her price range, but she was still able to enjoy the beach after the auction and partake in drinks at Cabana Sam’s with some of our bidders.