Furniture & Equipment of HOLY ANGELS ACADEMY!

Furniture & Equipment of HOLY ANGELS ACADEMY!


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Brief Description


IT Equipment:  (68) Dell/HP Computers, (6) Apple TV’s, (34) Apple iPads, (92) Dell/HP/Sony Monitors, Servers, (12) Printers



Auction Schedule

Live On-Site Auction

Began: Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM EDT

Location: 24 shoshone St., buffalo, NY 14214




• 500 Student Desks

• 100 Desk/Chairs Combos

• 120 NEW Cafeteria Chairs

• 110 Theatre Chairs

• 400+ Lockers

• 55 Wooden Chairs

• 9 Cafeteria 5’ Folding Octagons

• 150+ Tables

• 47 File Cabinets

• 55 Book Shelves

• 244 Folding Chairs

• Partitions

• Office & Board Room Furniture

• Couches

• Cabinets

• 7 Podiums & TONS MORE!


 IT Equipment:  AV Rover, (2) iPad Charging Carts, (8) Smart Boards, (68) Dell/HP Computers, (6) Apple TV’s, (34) Apple iPads, (92) Dell/HP/Sony Monitors, Servers, (12) Printers, Scanners, Flat Screen TV’s, Speakers, Switches, Projectors, (7) TV’s, VCRs, Phone System w/ (17) Phones, Tablet, Projectors, Keyboards, Multi-Media Carts & More!


Athletic Equipment: (6) Retractable Basketball Goals w/ Scoreboards, 4 Sections of Telescoping Bleachers, 15 Sets of Free Weights, Leg Extension Machine, Leg Curl Machine, Shoulder Press Machine, Lateral Pull Down Machine, Tricep Extension Machine, Rowing Machines, Seated Row Machine, Pec Fly Machine, Chest Press Machine, Hip Extension Machine, Bicep Curl Machine, Exercise Mats, Benches, Gym Divider, Gym Wall Pads, Protective Floor Cover, Basketballs, Hula Hoops, Kickballs, Golf Balls, Badminton Equipment, Physioballs, Cones, Stop Watches, Hockey Sticks, Pedometers, Golf Clubs, Pool Noodles, Baseball Bases, Jump Ropes, Volleyballs, Eclipse Balls, Footballs, Frisbees


Musical & Art Equipment: Steinway Baby Grand Piano ( M 188015),  (3) Upright Pianos, Guitars, Portable Amp, (2) Complete Drum Sets, Music Stands, Electronic Keyboards,Malmark Corporation Pitched Handbells, Trombone, Ukulele, Easels, Mirrors, Silk Screens, Art Supplies & More!


Science & Chemistry Equipment:HUNDREDS of Beakers, TONS of Laboratory Smallwares, Fume Hoods, Gloves, Slide Boxes, Goggles, (37) Microscopes, Thermometers, Petri Dishes, Weight Scale, Compound Microscopes, Dissecting Kits, Topography Sets, Spring Scales, Molecular Model Kits, Weather Forecasting Kit, Compasses, Periodic Table Kits, Hydrometers, Flasks, Graduated Cylinders, Test Tubes, Spectroscopes


Equipment: New Cannon Camera, PA System, Fax Machines, Shredders, (9) Fire Extinguishers, AED Defibrillator, Laminator, Ladders, (3) Air Conditioners, Eyewash Stations, Waste Baskets, Garbage Cans, White Boards, Chalk Boards, Cot, Crutches, Scale, Vision Machine, Snow Blower, Flags, Religious Statues


Kitchen Equipment:New Vulcan Stove, Fryer, Commercial Refrigerators, Cooler, (2) Freezers, Steam Table, Meat Slicer, Serving Counter, NEW Metal Prep Tables, Bakers Racks, (7) Microwaves, (3) Dishwashers, (3) Mini Refrigerators, Toaster Oven, Water Cooler, Dishes, Utensils, Trays & MORE! HUNDREDS OF LOTS



Auction Terms

Full payment must be made the day of sale in cash or local check.  Sales tax will be charged on all purchases if you do not have a New York Certificate of resale. Everything sold “As Is, Where Is.” No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied. The information in this advertisement  is correct to the best of our knowledge and in no other way can we guarantee accuracy of it. All sales are final. Standard 10% buyer’s premium applies to all purchases. Additional terms and conditions will be posted at the time of sale. All announcements from the auction block take precedence over any advertised material.


Removal Times:

Sunday (August 25th): 10am – 4pm
Monday (August 26th): 9am – 4pm
Tuesday (August 27th): 9am – 4pm
Wednesday (August 28th): CLOSED
Thursday (August 29th): 9am – 4pm
Friday (August 30th): 9am – 4pm

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