Sit Back & Relax…Because We Do It All!


The beauty of hiring us to do an auction is that we handle everything!  We will set up, advertise, register, auction, cash out, and mail you a check in the end!   On larger auction days, we bring additional staff members to help with security and removal supervision.

 No matter what size or type auction you desire to have; I guarantee you that we can handle it! We are auction experts by now, and we should be because Cash has been doing auctions FOREVER!  We can conduct an auction anywhere – Cash’s favorite being the auction we had in Alaska a few years back! We’ve conducted auctions that gross $1,000,000 and other auctions that only bring $1,000. 

Near or far, big or small; no matter what the auction is, we can manage it and present you with amazing results!


Live in Luxury at The Residences at 900 Main

Jennifer, our property manager, wanted to let everyone know about the beautiful and luxurious apartments that are available for rent in the new Buffalo medical corridor.  Below are some links so you can see a video tour of three of the four units.  If you or someone you know is interested, give us a call at 716-885-2200.  The apartments are BRAND NEW and centrally located!

For a virtual tour of Apartment 1, Click Here

For a virtual tour of Apartment 2, Click Here

For a virtual tour of Apartment 4, Click Here

The Place Where Luxury Comes Naturally…

We usually don’t blog about our upcoming auctions but….this one is special!  You would be able to OWN this real estate CHEAPER than renting! Next week on Wednesday,  February 17th at 11am we are going to be selling two floors of a centrally located office building in the up and coming downtown Buffalo!

There are THREE incredibly sweet perks about this auction that sets it apart from the rest:

  1. The seller is offering affordable financing – with 25% of the purchase price down, they will finance you at 7% for 15 years with a 5 year call!
  2. One of these floors will be sold absolute, which means REGARDLESS OF PRICE at least one of the floors will be sold!
  3. Both floors offer flexible floor plans – you can make an office suit or even apartments out of them – do whatever best suits your needs!

Those three perks should entice you to come down and bid, but if they are not enough we can tell you more about the impressive location that it offers.  37 Franklin Street is in close proximity to:

  • The First Niagara Center  – you can walk to the next concert or Sabres game
  • Canalside – up for a game of curling in the winter or for a free workout classes or paddle boarding in the summer?
  • Buffalo Naval & Military Park – take the tour, you will love it
  • Coca-Cola Field – Home of the Buffalo Bison baseball team
  • Several GREAT Restaurants: Pearl Street Brewery, Bourbon and Butter, Butterwood Desserts, Osteria 166
  • The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center – They host tons of great events like the World’s Largest Disco, Buffalo Wine Fest, and TONS of trade shows
  • The HEART of Buffalo’s Business district – let your business shine

Give us a call at the office – 716-885-2200 if we can answer any other questions or help you in any other way!  Hope to see you at the Auction!!!


Community Service

Community Service

Auctioneering is not only an amazing skill, it’s a highly sought after talent too!  At Cash Realty & Auctions, we are all impressed at what our auctioneers, Cash Cunningham and Eric Monahan,  handle during every sale.  It’s hard to keep track of the number chant, waiving bid cards and shouting all at the same time!

We feel that anyone with that much talent should use their skills to better the community.  Our firm handles hundreds of benefit auctions each year.  Our auctioneers donate their time and gift of gab to raise money for important non-profits in our community.  Our auctioneers book up quickly, and since most benefit auctions are held in the weekend evenings, they are only able to usually accept one event per night.

The “benefit season” has just started.  Usually from February until May our office is flooded with requests for our auctioneers perform a benefit auction to raise money for some of Buffalo’s most wonderful causes. We mostly hear requests from schools, churches, and medical research causes.

Below is a small list of organizations that we’ve donated our time to over the years:


  • Children’s Hospital
  • Hospice Foundation
  • Roswell Park
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Leukemia Research Foundation
  • Mercy Flight
  • Big Brother Big Sister
  • Boys And Girls Club
  • Camp Good Days
  • Cradle Beach  Camp
  • Kevin’s Guest House
  • Child and Adolescent Treatment Services
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • St. Joe’s
  • Nardin Academy
  • Canisius High School
  • St. Marys of Swormsville Church
  • Mount Saint Marys
  • St. Francis High School
  • St. Gregory’s
  • Burchfield Penney Art Center
  • Hauptman Woodward Reidel
  • Buffalo Science Museum
  • Column of Hope
  • Elmwood Franklin School
  • Nichols School
  • Park School
  • Housing Opportunities Made Equal
  • Graycliff Conservatory
  • Buffalo State College
  • Cooks for Books
  • Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

It’s our pleasure to give back to such a great community!

Business Trip to Florida? Yes Please!

Taking The Team To The Florida Office

The girls at Cash Realty & Auctions had a special treat this past weekend; we all were invited to take a trip down to our Florida office!  The work trip started Saturday, January 16th after the vehicle auction.  We had a direct flight that ended up being delayed, so we didn’t get into Florida until around 10pm – but after a few in-airport cocktails, we weren’t complaining!

While in Florida, the ladies in the office were FINALLY able to see the Florida operations!  We helped organize and update the office and even helped move a very heavy desk – yes, it took all FIVE of us!  In our free time, we did a little shopping at the outlet malls, checked out the beach, visited with our Florida friends, and ate way too many treats!

Overall, it was a great trip full of learning experiences and team building exercises.  The only bad part is that Florida was FREEZING last weekend…but I guess anything beats Buffalo’s 9 degree weather.

Our trip ended on Tuesday the 19th with a 4am wakeup call from Cash so that we could catch our 6:40am flight.    Of course once we got back to Buffalo at noon we went straight to our main office to finish out our workday – we wouldn’t want to leave our customers hanging after a big auction weekend! 


Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Disappointingly, as in every business, you come across that rare customer that tries to cheat the system.  A few months back, we had an auction for automotive equipment in Indiana.  Everything went smooth, or so we thought. 

Cash Realty & Auctions performed the sale and then drove home – it was what appeared to be an easy in and out gig.  It wasn’t until after we got back to New York and deposited the checks into the bank that we found out that we had a huge issue.  One of the checks ended up bouncing. 

After an investigation with the bank, it turned out that a customer wrote us a check, and then immediately closed his bank account.  This was an intentional act that we consider stealing.   We called the customer and tried to collect, each time, we were meant with empty promises of sending money. 

Finally, we realized this guy was not going to pay up and we had to take matters into our own hands.  We looked up the Indiana penal law and found out that it was a misdemeanor charge in Indiana to close an account after a check was written.   We called the gentleman one last time to give him a final chance to pay….and after that, our team went to work!

We contacted the local police department and discussed filing charges.  The police department referred us to the prosecutor’s office because we were told that in crimes like this, 99% of the time the prosecutor’s office is who manages the case.  The prosecutor gave us advice of how to file the legal paperwork and began a case against him.  The prosecutor also looked up our thief’s name and told us that this was not his first offence; he did something similar back in 2012! 

We hope to resolve this matter within the next month (unfortunately, justice takes time to work).  We are satisfied knowing that we took every step possible to stop this criminal.  It shocks and disappoints us that someone could take goods/services and not expect to pay for them!


New Years Resolutions!

It’s New Years EVE!

There are a lot of resolutions rolling around the auction office on a personal level.

Here is a smattering:

  1. Drink a gallon of water a day
  2. Make our customers happier
  3. Read a new book every month
  4. Eat healthier
  5. Run 1,000 Miles
  6. Tweet more
  7. Eat less cookies
  8. Learn a signature dish
  9. Volunteer more
  10. Take better pictures
  11. Learn another language
  12. Travel somewhere new
  13. Get a divorce
  14. Surpass the number of auctions from 2015
  15. Laugh every day….and not just at our auction manager

We know, our list definitely runs the gamut with some lofty goals like learning a new language, and some very achievable like tweeting more.   Even if we follow through with half of these resolutions Cash Realty & Auctions staff will all be happier, more successful, and thinner 🙂 .

Cheers to a great 2016!

Happy Holidays!

Taking a timeout from meeting all of the staff to send some well wishes your way!  Being Christmas Eve, we want to express thanks and appreciation to each and every one of our customers.  Our team at Cash Realty & Auctions is blessed to get to know each and every one of you!  We might not say it enough, but thank you for your patronage!  Just a reminder we leave at noon today (Christmas Eve) but we wish each and every one of you a happy holiday!!


Meet the Staff! CR&A’s Property Manager is…

We run a very diverse operation at Cash Realty & Auctions!  Jenn Young works in our office and manages over 50 rental properties.  Our properties mostly consist of single and two family homes and they are located all over Western New York.  We will have 3 vacancies in the upcoming future so Jenn wanted to share some advice to her potential tenants.

  1. Come to the open house! Because we usually have a high interest rate, Jenn tries to make it fair and shows it to all interested parties at one time.  This is your chance to see the house and to check out the neighborhood.
  2. Our application process is FREE!  Our goal is to place the most qualified candidate into the property.  Please take the application process seriously; everyone that fills out an application gets a fair application review.
  3. Please fill out the application fully – this is your chance to shine! Blank spaces and omitted information doesn’t go over well – it makes it seem like you are either hiding something or that you did not take the application process seriously.
  4. It always helps to introduce yourself to Jenn during the open house.  First impressions are everything and she might remember you as she reviews your application.
  5. Jenn always checks the references and talks to the previous landlords – make sure you have a clean rental history before you apply for one of our rental properties.  As a property manager, Jenn’s job is to pick a tenant that can prove that he or she will treat our property as their own.

Best of luck in your housing search!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Cash Auctions!

Happy Thanksgiving To Our Auction Family


November kicks off the season of giving thanks!  I know we don’t express this enough, but thank you to our auction customers – we truly appreciate each and every one of you!  Cash Realty & Auctions wouldn’t be where we are today without your interest and support! 

Thank you for being there for us.  Thank you for coming to auctions when its below zero and snowing.  Thank you for bringing the girls coffee and treats.  Thank you for paying your invoices on time.  Thank you for understanding when we suffer through computer glitches.  Thank you for waiting in long registration lines.  Thanks AGAIN for bringing us coffee and treats (…hint, hint hint!) Thank you for respecting the auction facilities.  Thanks for understanding the complexity of the auction business.  Thanks for wearing appropriate clothing. Thank you for liking our social media pages and for following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Most of all, thank you for bidding high!

We wish you the best this holiday season.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!


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