Thank you customers!

Thank you!!

We had an amazingly successful bus auction last week and it was because of you, our customers!  We always love auction days when everything culminates – with our employees hard work in advertising and set-up mixing and with our excited customers; it makes for a fun and busy day!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to call Jessica at the office 716-885-2200.   She’s there with open ears!

Thanks again for coming and bidding – we sold a ton of buses in one day!

Exciting News!

Internet Bidding

Exciting news at Cash Realty & Auctions – we’ve purchased online bidding software! We’ve had online bidding in the past upon the client’s request, but now, we will be able to offer online bidding now for EVERY AUCTION! Stay tuned – we will be implementing it in the next month or so.  We look forward to the new technology and to better serve our clients and our customers!


What Happens After an Auction?

With each auction, specific removal times are set to make sure every item gets removed efficiently.

We just want to call to attention the same procedure applies to our “in-house” auctions. We ask that everyone get their items out in a timely manner after the sale.  We need to make sure you get your purchases out, so that we can get new inventory in for the next auction.   We are not a storage facility – we need to get things out almost as quickly as it comes in J.   If you are unable to pick up your items during the removal time period, please give us a call so we can make other arrangements.

Thank you, as always, it’s our pleasure to be your auctioneer!


Your BOCES Modular Home Auction Questions – Answered!

Ever want to own a brand new home? Tomorrow is your chance for an upgrade!

For the past 15 years, we have sold BRAND NEW modular homes built by the students at BOCES.  The building program started with a grant from the Wendt Foundation to buy materials so that the students could build a home.  The proceeds from the sale will be spent on materials so that next years’ class can keep building and learning!

Hundreds of students have graduated from the BOCES program and have been able to see “their house” sold at our live auctions at the end of the school year.

The most popular question we receive in the office is “How much do the homes usually sell for”  The answer to that question is complicated, but we can definitely reveal the numbers to you to help in your decision making process!

  • 2015 House: $50,000
  • 2014 House:  $37,500
  • 2013 Houses: $38,000 & $47,000

We are excited about tomorrow’s sale – maybe it will be YOU that gets a great deal at the auction!


Investment Opportunities!

This weekend – we are travelling to Dunkirk, NY to auction off SIX investment properties.  This auction is exciting because everything will be sold Absolute.  For inexperienced auction goers – absolute means you will absolutely get a deal!  Absolute means that regardless of price – even if the house brings $1,000 – it will be sold! The owner of the property put no reserves on the auction.  Can you imagine getting a house that affordably? Especially an investment piece with multiple units.  Many of the houses this weekend already have tenants and in some cases, even multiple units!  Even if you have to put some work and money into fixing up the units the amount of capital you could make from your investment is insane!  Our advice to you – if you are free on June 4th – head out to the auction and try your luck – it might be the opportunity of a lifetime!  Check out our auction page on our website for details!


Our Favorite Things – Part 4!

These are a few of our favorite things!


Jenn Young’s  favorite auctions isn’t one in particular – she’s a fan of the storage auctions in general.

Jenn volunteers to work a lot of the storage auctions because of the mystery involved.  During a storage auction – you get a few minutes to take a peek inside the unit and then it’s auctioned off moments later.  Jenn loves seeing happy auction customers when they get a valuable treasure in their storage auction lots.

Jenn enjoys finding out what each unit yields, right alongside the successful bidders!


Our Favorite Things – Part 3!

CIMG2839 CIMG2840


The Girl Scouts chose our company to auction off their property – it was a surplus piece to them and they had wanted to get rid of the parcel and concentrate on other projects.

The camp was majestic – it was filled with challenging hiking trails, pavilions, and it even a pond for swimming. The best part about this property was that it had a full half mile of frontage along Oak Orchard Creek.

Even though Medina was an hour drive away from Buffalo, there was a ton of interest in the property.   The bidders that game to the sale ranged from hunters and fishers to large non-profit organizations.

I was pleased with the outcome and even furthermore impressed at the buyers, an extended family with multiple brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and even grandchildren!  The family had coordinated the purchase; each of the older members had pitched in money to make the large purchase possible.  They had planned the purchase as a family bonding experience- they had made plans to spend their summers there together, bonding for the rest of their lives.

It was a rare real estate auction that benefited an entire family with the gift of spending time together.


Our Favorite Things – Part 2!

I’ve been working at Cash Realty & Auctions for almost five years now – my favorite auction was by FAR the HSBC Safe Deposit Boxes Auction that we had last August.  That sale was my baby; I invested hundreds of hours into that auction – it was a product of my blood, sweat, and tears!

The prep work for the HSBC sale was intense.  Cash and I spent days upon days in the vault of HSBC in order to appraise and catalog the items.  A chain of custody was followed while each lot was carefully inspected, photographed, lotted and valued.  The HSBC staff was wonderful and supervised us while we sifted through the unclaimed items. 

Opening each unclaimed box was like opening a treasure chest – you never knew what valuables that it would hold.  My favorite lots were the vintage jewelry – everything was so beautiful and unique!  I’ve always had a passion for vintage items.  Cash let me try on the items and wear them for photographs, but that was as far as we went playing “dress-up” with the jewels.

All of our hard work doing inventory paid off on the auction day.  We had a very successful sale with bidders, both live and online, participating for the Rolexes, Gold Krugerrands and Koronas, Silver Bullion, vintage jewelry and tons of other collectibles, jewelry and memorabilia that I had the pleasure of viewing first.


Our Favorite Things – Part 1

These are a few of our favorite things!


We decided to spice up our blogs with some personal auction stories – what better than to tell you what OUR favorite auctions and auction items were!

Let’s start with Brittany O’Dea, our marketing director first!

Brittany’s favorite auction happened back in 2014.

We were auctioning a stunning three story beach house in Sunset Bay, New York.  This house was immaculate – everything was brand new! The house had a two story porch, perfect for enjoying the summer weather.  Brittany fell in love with the ample and organized closet space and with the location of the house – it was right across the street from the beach and one of Western New York’s best summertime bars, Cabana Sam’s!

Needless to say, the house was way past her price range, but she was still able to enjoy the beach after the auction and partake in drinks at Cabana Sam’s with some of our bidders.


A HUD Home May Be Right For You!

HUD Homes a plenty!!!

Our office has been having a complete SURGE in HUD homes over the past month!  17 new homes were just listed yesterday and more keep flowing in!  HUD homes are affordably priced, just about all of them under $100,000 and a majority of the homes currently listed are in the $50,000 range.

HUD homes are advertised with signage and also listed on the Multiple Listing System, Zillow, Craigslist and Facebook.  If you are interested in a HUD home, you can contact your realtor and if you don’t have a realtor, feel free to contact Kevil Kelly at 716-912-4483.

Many HUD homes need some repairs or updates.  Considering the list price, a little TLC should definitely be built into your overall budget.   Happy home hunting!!!


**More Information about the HUD program can always be found at**


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