Taking The Team To The Florida Office

The girls at Cash Realty & Auctions had a special treat this past weekend; we all were invited to take a trip down to our Florida office!  The work trip started Saturday, January 16th after the vehicle auction.  We had a direct flight that ended up being delayed, so we didn’t get into Florida until around 10pm – but after a few in-airport cocktails, we weren’t complaining!

While in Florida, the ladies in the office were FINALLY able to see the Florida operations!  We helped organize and update the office and even helped move a very heavy desk – yes, it took all FIVE of us!  In our free time, we did a little shopping at the outlet malls, checked out the beach, visited with our Florida friends, and ate way too many treats!

Overall, it was a great trip full of learning experiences and team building exercises.  The only bad part is that Florida was FREEZING last weekend…but I guess anything beats Buffalo’s 9 degree weather.

Our trip ended on Tuesday the 19th with a 4am wakeup call from Cash so that we could catch our 6:40am flight.    Of course once we got back to Buffalo at noon we went straight to our main office to finish out our workday – we wouldn’t want to leave our customers hanging after a big auction weekend!